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Equipping Students with Scholarly Resources

Thanks to a very generous gift from Asset Protectors & Advisors in Raleigh, NC, the CRBMI has been blessed with a wealth of text-critical volumes to support our coursework and research efforts. Because of the specialized nature of Hellenistic Greek manuscript studies, providing students with access to these resources is cost-prohibitive more often than not. This gift includes:

  • the massive data of Text und Textwert, which collates 5400 Greek New Testament manuscripts and categorizes their readings based on a number of test passages (Teststellen);

  • the newly translated Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (yet another BDAG for Greek students to utilize);

  • the three-volume Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics;

  • a number of volumes from the Gottingen Septuaginta series (for the Greek Old Testament);

  • Lampe’s massive Patristic Greek Lexicon, which is one of the few resources that deals with Greek outside of the Hellenistic era

  • the three-volume palaeographic reference work of Richard Seider

  • a number of individual monographs on textual emendation, septuagintal studies, etc.

These tools will be incredibly helpful for existing projects (the Greek Paul Project and the Greek Psalter Project) and future projects, for courses in textual criticism of the New and Old Testaments, for student theses on textual transmission and reception, and as general resources for other courses. May this donation bear much fruit in equipping servant leaders for ministry!

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