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As noted in a previous entry, a generous donation from Asset Protectors & Advisors in Raleigh, NC, has provided the CRBMI with a number of text-critical and biblical language resources. Donations such as this provide much-needed resources for graduate students interested in textual criticism, manuscript studies, and advanced studies in biblical languages; because of the specialized nature of this scholarship, many of these books are quite expensive and/or difficult to obtain. A few of these books were selected at this time to aid current and upcoming student thesis work.

Through judicious spending of that initial donation, we have been able to acquire a number of Brill books beyond our initial wish list, including:

  • The Collected Biblical Writings of T. C. Skeat (the Keeper of Manuscripts and Egerton Librarian at the British Library, who did important work in papyrology and palaeography)

  • Early Christian Manuscripts: Examples of Applied Method and Approach

  • Eldon Epp’s Perspectives on New Testament Textual Criticism

  • Three volumes from Brill’s Linguistic Biblical Studies series on Greek verbal aspect/Aktionsart and modeling biblical language

  • Four volumes on social/cultural linguistic context of the New Testament

We would like to thank Asset Protectors & Advisors once again as we are able to continue to serve student needs for advanced scholarship and research in these subject areas.

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