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CRBMI Minuscule Ligature/Abbreviation Tool

Some of the student transcribers in the MOTBSI Greek Paul Project may be working with Greek minuscule for the first time. For the novice reader, recognizing some of the ligatures and abbreviations used in minuscule script can be a challenge. Some printed helps are available, but juggling a handful of incomplete lists of images is not ideal. Since students work from a base text, being able to quickly type in a probable text and see what ligatures/abbreviations match is helpful. So we took the initiative to develop a web tool to do just that.

Users can type the probable letters into a filter and the engine will display images for all sequential combinations of letters in the input string. At the present time, there are 160+ ligature entries in the database and 650+ images—taken from both reference texts and manuscript images—with more are being added every week.

The beta of the tool is available here.

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