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Ulrich Schmid on Marcion and the Corpus Paulinum

The Museum of the Bible Greek Paul Project is hosting Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmid, who will present on Marcion’s Pauline edition and the early history of the Corpus Paulinum. Prof. Dr. Schmid is an apl. Prof at the Kirchliche Hochschule (Wuppertal/Bethel) and serves as a co-editor of the Editio Critica Maior of the Gospel of John for the International Greek New Testament Project and as a researcher for the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung (INTF) in Münster.

Marcion’s (active from AD 135-155) edition of the New Testament (one Gospel and ten letters of Paul) is helpful for tracing the transmission history of the earliest Pauline letter collection. Evidence of Marcion’s collection prior to AD 370 (through Tertullian, Epiphanius, and Jerome) provides useful data about collection content, sequence, and ordering principles. We are grateful to have Prof. Dr. Schmid present on this very interesting topic.

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