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Logos in Oxford Award Recipients

The CRBMI congratulates MA student Lily Su and MDiv student Troy Summers for being invited to attend this summer’s Logos in Oxford program, held 30 May through 13 June. Lily and Troy were qualified to apply by participating in the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) Greek Paul Project this semester, transcribing manuscripts of 1 Timothy for the Editio Critica Maior Edition of the Pastoral Epistles. Both students excel in biblical languages–last year Lily received for the STS Zondervan Greek Award and Troy received the STS Zondervan Hebrew Award–which is key for participating in both the project and the summer program.

Student participation at Logos in Oxford is fully funded by the MOTB Scholars Initiative, who provide housing, board, travel, and a stipend of $1000. Students gather at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, to meet with academic experts in the fields of history, theology, and textual studies to explore issues relevant to Christian academics. In addition to the lecture series, students take academic excursions to Winchester and Cambridge. As the program organizers state:

The Logos workshop is an opportunity for young scholars from a wide variety of institutions to meet and share common enthusiasms and interests. Although the participants will be involved in many different projects, common ground is found in the desire to understand the use of texts in scholarly enterprise and to investigate the role of the Christian scholar. A small group of Logos fellows (students who have already attended Logos workshops) will attend and lend their experience, in particular presenting their research to the workshop. In addition to the contribution of senior scholars, interacting with peers and learning from them are central aspects of the workshop.

Previous student attendees from STS include Steve Young (2016), Jeff DePue (2016), and Denis Salgado (2015, 2016).

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