Bodmer Psalter Project

This collaborative Septuagint project was created to perform original research on the Bodmer Psalter (P.Bod. XXIV). An invaluable witness to the Septuagint text (the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible started in the third century BC), this relatively well-preserved manuscript dates to the third or fourth century (AD) and contains Psalms 17-118 (according to Septuagint numbering). The project is led by Dr. Rob Hiebert and Dr. Cameron Boyd-Taylor (both at Trinity Western University, Canada) and David Sigrist (doctoral student at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa). Students in the project pursue individual lines of inquiry under the guidance of local supervisors and the results of their research will be published at the project’s completion.

MDiv student Denis Salgado is a researcher on this project, studying scribal habits under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Smith.

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